Wednesday, November 25, 2009

If your little boy loves hot wheels . . .

You really have to check out this site! It's a tutorial on how to make a 'car cozie'-a place for him to keep and play with all his cars. It's so adorable. Go check it out.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Look what I made!!

We recently had a 'Super Saturday' craft day at our church for anyone interested in making some super cute crafts. I was in charge of coming up with some fairly inexpensive things for the ladies to make, so here's what I did, a simple way to display the proclamation (only $2):

And some temple blocks for $5. If you're interested in printing some temple pics out just go here scroll down until you see 'temple printables' then click on it. They have a bunch of different temples to choose from, and a lot of them also come with the saying 'Families are Forever':

The following pics are of things I just made, that I wasn't in charge of. Obviously they are way too cute of projects for me to come up with.
Here's a festively decorated star. I love stars and have quiet a few scattered around the house to add to my "Texas Decor" (as my sister says):

"Home Blocks". Inside the 'O' it says " . . . is where our story begins" :

I love this next one. Our Homemaking leader actually found this online here. It comes as a kit that you paint, then assemble. It was the most expensive item that we offered-at about $28, but I think that's an awesome price for such a durable nativity set!! The metal pieces are already cut out and sanded for you. I love that I now have an 'almost' indestructible nativity set. I say 'almost' because, as my loving SIL pointed out, with my kids there is no such thing as 'indestructable':

And last, but not least, some seasonal blocks. It's a set of 3 blocks that you can rotate for different holidays:

Aren't these just the cutest projects you've ever seen?


This year for Halloween Kaylee was a vampiress. This is her at the church carnival. She claims she couldn't smile because of the fangs, but I think it had more to do with the fact that I was trying to get a picture of her while she was 'hanging' with her friends.

She also got ready at her cousin's house, so she wasn't in the group shot below.

Audree was little red riding hood, Josh was a storm trooper, and Sophee was Snow White.