Saturday, November 13, 2010

Halloween 2010

Wahoo! I'm actually posting about Halloween before Thanksgiving. That's pretty good for me.

This year Sophee was a little devil (how fitting-and yes, she picked that out all on her own) and Audree was a 50's girl:

Josh was the 'Karate Kid':

And Kaylee was MIA because she had gone over to her cousins house to get ready.
Since Halloween was on a Sunday we just went to our church's Trunk-or-Treat carnival this year on Saturday night.
My SIL was in charge of a few games and decided that we needed a petting zoo. So she came up with a "Shih Tzu Zoo", and gathered up 6 Shih Tzu's, include ours-and gated off the 'mothers lounge' and we lifted the little kids over the gate to go see the dogs. This was actually a huge hit!! Coal is the black one with the red bandana:

Here are the girls searching for treasures:

And playing miniature golf:

The purpose of this game is to 'catapult' fake spiders onto a giant spider web:

I had planned to get pictures of Kaylee but I didn't see her and her cousin too much. You know, she's at that stage were she is too cool to hang with the fam.
When we first walked into the carnival Josh spotted the booth were someone was making balloon animals and headed straight for it. Of course that had the longest line and he stood there, patiently, for at least half an hour to get himself a spiderman balloon-which I didn't get a picture of-darn it.
Afterwards, we came home and the 'bargaining' began. Oh look, there's Kaylee. She was a 'punk ballerina'. She had some black gauze all wrapped around the top of her but had taken it off before I got a picture.
Making the trade:

The kids had a really great time at the carnival and didn't seem to mind too much that we didn't trick-or-treat on Sunday. Infact they had forgotten all about it until some kids came over that night and rang the doorbell while we were having dinner (we forgot to turn off our outside lights). Then Sophee realized she was missing out on it and cried for a little while. Poor Girl.
The rest of the kids were fine with it.
I'm so glad it's over though! Now onto the Thanksgiving!