Tuesday, March 22, 2011

As Requested . . . a new yummy & easy meal

My SIL was asking me the other day when I would be posting some new, easy dinner ideas.

I have a few good recipes to share, but rather than trying to take pictures of the cooking process myself I decided I would just share the link to the recipe with you. Just click on the name of the recipe below.

Teriyaki Chicken Pita pockets:
(Photos and recipe from Controlling my Chaos Blog)

There are detailed instructions, with lots of pictures, but don't let that confuse you into thinking that it's not a super simple recipe-because it totally is. And boy is it worth it!! Yum.eee. We all loved it!

As a bonus, the author of the blog includes a really cute little recipe card that you can print out at the end. So go, try it. You'll love it.

P.S. Next time I make this I will definitely use at least 4 chicken breasts, just so that we can have leftovers.