Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boy was I surprised!!

Kory and I celebrated our 16th anniversary last Friday, and boy did he have some some serious surprises planned for me.

Thursday night he took me out to go clothes shopping (Yay!!). He had previously tried to buy me a new outfit-on his own-without much luck since I have 3 different sizes of clothing in my closet, he didn't know what size to buy. So, he figured he would just have to take me with him.
We dropped the kids off at his Mom's house (since Kaylee was at girls camp), and went shopping, then on to dinner. After dinner was over Kory started driving towards our house. When I told him that we still had to go pick up the kids, he said that his Mom was going to watch them for the night so that he could take me out to breakfast (before he had to go to work) on our anniversary. I didn't mind that one bit, and was excited to have a quiet evening to ourselves-plus, I loooove going out to eat breakfast, so I wasn't going to argue.

Friday morning we got up early (since he 'had to be to work' after breakfast) and got ready to go.
When I got out of the shower I noticed he wasn't wearing his work clothes, so I asked him why, and he said he was going to change into his work uniform after we ate. Ok. That was a little odd, but, whatever. I was getting breakfast, I didn't care what he was wearing.

As we drove to breakfast, we passed by Denny's, Big Bear, and IHOP. Hmmm. I guessed we must be going to eat at the casino's. Nope. Not that either. We started to head towards Vegas.
I was really confused. So I said, "We're going to Vegas?". And Kory said, "Yep." At that point I figured Kory had made some plans for us to spend the day in Vegas. Ok. I could handle that. I quite like shopping in Vegas. Buuuut, we soon passed the exit to the mall, and I began seeing signs to the airport. I finally figured out that we were going to go out of town but where?

Imagine my surprise when we get to the airport, get out of the car, and Kory not only pulls our suitcase out of the car, but our passports too!!!

We were going to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico!

So, by Friday afternoon, this is the view we were looking at from the balcony of our room.
The room, and the super soft bed. Notice the robes neatly folded on the bed?

The resort we were at was called "Dreams Resort", and it was all-inclusive. Not so good for my diet, but hey, it's not every day that your husband whisks you off to a fancy resort in Mexico for your anniversary.
That evening we went to the 'Mexican Fiesta'. They had tons of yummy food, this is just the dessert table . . .

The entertainment for the evening was a Mariachi band, mexican dancers, and a guy that made up bunch of different balloon hats for everyone. After finding out that we were there for our anniversary the guy makes us this hat, and calls it the 'hoochie coochie' hat:

When we got back to our room that night, this is what we found on our door:

Kory said he didn't ask them to do that. We did mention that it was our anniversary when we checked in though. I thought it was so sweet.

They also left us a little fruit basket and note welcoming us to the resort:

The next morning we took a little walk down the beach to go eat breakfast at their beach side restaurant. I love the wooden walk way:

Here we are, just waiting for our food:
Yes, that's a toaster on the table. They brought out a basket of breads, and you could make your own toast.
Here's Kory's breakfast. Poached eggs, I believe:

Here's my fruity waffles:

After breakfast we decided to take a cab and go back into town to do some shopping. We wanted to do that first, since it was pretty humid there. The temps where in the low 90's, but the humidity was super high.
Here's one of the shops along the ocean:

We came across these sands sculptures, and thought they were really neat. I believe the one on the left is Jesus and John the Baptist:

There was also some more 'abstract' sand sculptures. I couldn't tell you what these are supposed to be:

This is a church in the middle of town, it's very lush and green there. Then end of June, July and August are actually their rainy months, so we got sprinkled on a few times while we were there, but it wasn't bad at all-just humid.

While eating lunch that day we spotted this creature. I think it's an iguana:

Since we were at another one of the resort's outdoor restaurants for lunch, and it was kinda' hot, they brought us some wet cloth napkins that smelled like peppermint to wipe our faces with:

Kory ordered the fajitas:

And we both shared a slice of cheesecake for dessert:

We had a great time just lounging on the private beach:

Here's some pics of the sun setting:

Us hanging on the beach, waiting for the sunset:

Jelly fish in the sand. They looked like ice cubes. I was so afraid I was going to step on one:

The sunset:

It was a super great, super surprise trip! I have the best husband ever. Thanks babe!! I love you!