Friday, December 11, 2009

Welcome to my home

I finally put up my Christmas stuff. It's nothing to shout about, but I'd thought I'd share anyway, since we don't get a whole lot of visitors.

So come on in! My stockings are actually hung in the hallway, and not over the fireplace. Kaylee is a bit put out about that one, but I didn't want to put nails in my mantle to hang this cute board. Yes, if you're counting, there are 7 stockings. We had to put up a stocking for Coal. He is family after all. (Plus, when you buy your stockings at the dollar store, it's not a big deal to throw in an extra one for the dog).

I made this snowman a couple of years ago. He's been loved a little too much. Every time I turn my back the little girls feel the need to pick him up and dance with him.

A few dollar store Christmas signs:

We put up our big tree in the family room, since that's where we spend most of our time, so I put up my cute little alpine trees in this corner in the living room:

Here's the family room. I completely gave free reign to the kids and let them put up all the ornaments on the tree. Needless to say, we have a lot of ornaments that are all clumped together:

Here's a bigger view of the family room. Complete with a cute little black dog:

Thanks for coming to visit!!

When Sophee gets angry . . .

Last month Sophee's teacher let her borrow this book:
Or maybe she specifically sent it home with her for a reason. Hmmm. Possible.

Anyway, we read the book that night. It's a cute book. Basically the story line is about a little girl who gets really angry when her sister takes a toy away from her, and how Sophie runs and runs until she finds a nice little spot to calm herself down. Then she goes back home and everyone loves her, etc. It was a nice 'warm fuzzy' moment book.

So we finished reading it, and were gathering up blankets and things for bed when my Sophee says, "This book should say 'When Sophie gets angry, really really angry . . . She beats her sister up'!"

Yes, maybe her teacher did mean for her to take the book home and read it.